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Want to grow your company but not sure if the financing will be available or possible? Is your current relationship with your bank providing your business with the relationship and capital it needs?  BCG is a trusted resource for:

  • Navigating through financial lending, providing guidance and structure
  • Management of acquisition banking processes
  • Value and credibility coaching for securing credit
  • Financial framing and efficiency for building solid banking relationships

Whether you need new capital or credit, evaluation of current relationship or advice on structuring an acquisition it is worth bringing in someone who has sat on both sides of the table.

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Financial Solutions Advisory

How can I achieve my loan covenants? I want to grow, but will I be able to communicate effectively with the bank? Are there alternative funding sources I could be looking at?

These are the top questions of businesses right now, and we have worked hard to find the answers.

Getting Started
After meeting with you and your key advisors, we will work with you to develop a financial structure that aligns your goals and growth plans for your company. As financers are being more and more scrupulous when reviewing a request for financing, we will prepare a detailed financial presentation package that accurately portrays you, your company’s financial history and your company’s goals. Whether presenting to your existing bank, a new bank or an alternative lender, we will be there every step of the way ensuring you don’t get caught in roadblocks.

"Every bank to which we presented our financing documents was impressed by the quality and level of detail in the model. The financial model was helpful in consummating the transaction and is the baseline for our future operating plan."

- Partner, Investment Management Firm

How can we help

Assessments Analysis
Maybe you just need to know what your options are. We have spent hours researching the newest forms of funding and talking to banks to see what they are looking for in a company. Through a detailed assessment of your company we will be able to analyze your situation and make recommendations for meeting your future financial goals.

Financial Package Preparation
In this new economy, we will see a shift in the way lenders look at loan requests. Having inconsistencies and unclear financial records sends up red flags that could deter financing being approved or even considered. Having an experienced professional prepare a financial package for the lender that encompasses your background, your company’s background and its financial history will add credibility to your company.

Lender Assistance
Whether working with your existing bank, looking for a new bank or alternative lending options, we have knowledge of the different financial circles and how the lenders are looking at companies who are looking for funding. With a BCG&Co. advisor by your side, we will make sure you find all possible avenues for financing and work with you and the lender from start to finish.


Contact Ray Lampner, CPA, ABV, CVA for more information on how you can benefit from our Financial Solutions Advisory services.

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